What does it mean to be a connected transportation network? It means that you have access to other facets of the transportation industry most businesses do not have access to. Powered by FreightHub,  FTLHub has access to a plethora of tech-based assets that keep every part of the transportation connected. It’s part of a larger web of transportation services that all act as support structures for one another.


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Two other members of the Hub Family that FTLHub is closely connected to are LTLHub and DrayHub. Through teamwork, they help each other’s respective, main service have greater access than they previously could. FTLHub has access to nationwide LTL operations thanks to the connection between us and LTLHub. Because of DrayHub, FTLHub can manage any nationwide Drayage shipments you need. Each Hub has access to the other’s tech-based assets for a truly full-scope 3PL service.

For more information, follow us each week for the latest nationwide transportation news or contact FTLHub here.

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The Benefits of Nationwide FTL
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