Cold chain shipping is costly and logistically challenging. Be it across counties or, countries it relies on careful coordination and mechanical reliability. At any step in the process, if something goes wrong, the cargo can be ruined. Any failure is problematic, but one in in the first step out the door is much less costly and can be remedied quicker than one at the end. The right courier will leave your cargo at its destination intact and on time. The wrong one will mean the entire rest of your cold chain is for naught. For this reason, you must pick the right refrigerated courier. 


4. ASAP Courier

Providing refrigerated courier and transport to Ft. Lauderdale & Miami, ASAP offers friendly service coupled with the latest technology. They will take anything anywhere. Be it a large food order for an event, or medicine they say that your delivery will arrive intact and on time.

Phone: (954) 527-4444 , (305) 947-7477

Address: 2303 Stirling Road, Building #3, Dania Beach, FL 33312


3. Cannon Express

With 32 years in the market, Cannon Express is a bonded TSA & STA certified carrier. They offer a fleet of refrigerated vehicles from vans to 26’ trucks. They also serve almost all of SoFlo and will do other cities in Florida upon request.

Phone: (305) 592-8685

Email: , ,

Address: 1904 NW 82nd Ave Miami, FL 33126


2. R&E Carriers

Founded in 2011, R&E Carriers dedicate themselves to maximizing customer satisfaction by ensuring both proper conditions and speedy delivery. They have numerous 53’ Thermo King smart refrigerated trailers to ensure quality delivery. R&E also makes sure that their drivers have up-to-date training with smart reefers.

Phone: (888) 769-4779 , (786) 930-4840


Address: 1830 NW 7th Street #202, Miami, FL 33125


1. Team DGD

Here at LTL hub, we pride ourselves on offering a highly rated and speedy refrigerated courier service. Our position, close to the Port of Miami and Port everglades, allows us fast access to your cargo. We use our state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks to provide quick and seamless delivery to wherever you need your shipment to go. On top of that, our in-house TMS TruckHub allows for an “Uber-like” shipping experience.

Phone: 1 (888) 219-4544, (786) 901-6945


Address: 3300 NW 110 Street Miami, FL 33167


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