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At Go Team DGD, we understand that logistics can seem confusing and complex. That being said, we’ve included a list of typical questions that may cross your mind while you’re browsing. Feel free to contact us directly to learn more.

A 3PL is outsourced logistic services that encompasses the management of the way resources are moved to complete a task. At Go Team DGD we utilize our assets and tech-based systems to provide a complete solution to all your FTL logistics needs.

FTL means Full Truckload, referring specifically to completely loading a truck’s trailer. The vice, LTL (less than truckload), only partially fills the trailer.

We have Nationwide FTL, LTL, and Expedited Services. 1 day, 3 day, 5 day or economical 7 day transit times are given in 1 quote, allowing you to make an assessment of what rate works best for you. We also work with over 19000 carriers that we are connected with that can pick up an FTL shipment the same day with no issue.

An IBEC is used for a specific type of Bonded Space for consolidation of export inbound shipments that are consolidated on a weekly basis to be shipped out overseas to a foreign ultimate consignee. With an IBEC you are able to consolidate multiple inbounds into 1 shipment for ease of use into the foreign entry point while deferring duty for a short period of time inside a bonded warehouse.

We have over 100 happy and certified nationwide truck drivers.

Go Team DGD utilizes in-house software, Go Truck Hub, to completely manage our local and nationwide trucking services. To learn more about Go Truck Hub and it’s innovative user-focused features, visit

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