FTL Transportation is already intended for a speedier mode of transport from beginning to end. However, there is a way for it to go even faster. That answer lies with Cross Docks. Cross Docks allow for multiple trucks to be loaded with inbound cargo for outbound transportation. Think of cross-docking as having a facilitator for your cargo before it reaches its destination for greater speed.

A Scenario

cross docking pros

Let’s paint a picture. You need to ship your full truckload (FTL) cargo to a mom and pop shop in another city located within your state. But this store also needs shipments from other trucks. That means all of these trucks are going to be waiting in line to be able to drop off their shipment. If your truck isn’t the first one there, that’s hours of your driver’s workday gone. Cross Docks eliminate this worry. They let all these trucks dock at a warehouse where all the relevant loads are put in trucks that take them to a singular destination. Cross Docks, like FTLHub, save time and prove themselves to be very efficient.

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