A modern truck is a large vehicle or a lorry that is designed to carry huge loads of cargo. It is mostly composed of a cabin, chassis, and a compartment for carrying cargo.

The design of a modern truck varies depending on the type of cargo they carry.

There are different categories of modern trucks, notably fire trucks, sleeper trucks, tankers, wreckers, refrigerator trucks, refuse trucks, and excavators among others. Most modern trucks are normally powered by diesel though there are variations that use gasoline.

Inside components of a modern truck
The majority of the inside components of a modern truck are located in the cabin. The cab is where the driver seats and can be located above or behind the engine.

Cargo trucks contain a sleeping area whereby the driver can sleep as well as store personal belongings.

Modern trucks such as sleeper trucks have complex components primarily because they are designed in the form of a portable house. They contain a bathroom, a sleeping area, a simple kitchen, and a refrigerator for food conservation.

More advanced versions of sleeper trucks are equipped with entertainment facilities such as TVs, home theatre systems, and even Wi-Fi internet.

Additionally, modern trucks are equipped with solar power for basic electrification though some trucks use diesel-powered units or generators for power supply.

Cabin components
Cabin components found inside a modern track include the engine, drivetrain, and pneumatics, hydraulic, cooling, and heating systems.

Most trucks are also equipped with ergonomic seats that provide extended comfort to the driver.

The dashboard of a modern track is equipped with a sleek design that houses major components such as a sound system, GPS, and satellite radios.

The modern truck is much improvised as compared to the older versions. New features in the truck include cooling, hydraulic, and pneumatics that make the drivers’ work more comfortable.

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