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Technology is incredible. Each and every year, we advance further and further with a lot of growth pushing through from 2018 in the 3PL industry. The largest movement facing the nationwide transportation 3PL industry is the automation of trucks- the future of full truckload shipping. Every day, large corporations invest in the future by giving a monetary boost to various tech companies focusing on automated travel. Automation isn’t only impacting the transportation itself but also, how an FTL operation is conducted. Join us as we explore the possible future of FTL and nationwide shipping in general.


SmartCap Components

On every front technology is having a massive impact on the transportation industry. Every day we inch closer to a viable driverless truck. Driver safety has also become a point of interest. Companies like SmartCap are developing new ways of keeping drivers healthy and safe. They’ve engineered a way of monitoring driver vitals and their fatigue level while out on a drive. Other companies are creating new ways to eliminate the use of mirrors by implementing high definition cameras to trucks. Technology finds new ways of impacting FTL, and transportation as a whole, by always reaching futher.

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